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(Previously Crash Matt Climbing)

I have been London based climber who's experience spans over the last 10 years and currently is a teacher of the sport, coaching regularly in climbing centre's around London.

I have always been conscious about the environment and loved how rock climbing as a sport, seems to attract the people who share the same concerns.

As rock climbing grows as a sport, so are it's companies and the demand for product increases.

Some companies are coping with this new demand by using the methods of mass production and labour overseas, not only lowering the products but contributing to the environmental global crisis by being shipped all over the globe.

This is how Crash Matt Climbing (Now Bee Kind Climbing) began.

With the belief that we can make quality products without sacrificing ethics, Eco-friendly methods or sustainability.


The Goal.

I want to make products that rival the best while having the highest Eco-friendly ethics and always be looking for ways to improve. Aiming that Crash Matt Climbing (now Bee Kind Climbing) will be one of the leading names in top quality products and ethics.


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