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Public Worker Discount

At Crash Matt Climbing I want to show my support to workers of the public sector by offering them a 50% discount on my homemade hand care products.

Public workers have suffered a lot through the pandemic and I don’t believe they got the help they needed from the government claims they offered. So this is my way of showing my appreciation for there hard work.

And I don’t know the future of my business, but as long as I am running Crash Matt Climbing this discount will be available.

 Below is the list of workers who can get the 50% discount on our Hand care products

Social workers, Care workers or anyone who works in a care home. Firefighters, Paramedics, NHS Doctors, Nurses and midwives, Teachers, TA’s, educational support assistants, Police officers.

Basically if you work in a Public school, A Care Home or for the NHS you get the discount and If you are studying to get involved with one of the mention roles above I will still give you the discount.

All you have to do to get the discount is contact me on the form below and some form of prove you work in the public sector and I will give you 50% off.

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